Datsun Redi-GO Global Unveil: What to expect

Datsun Redi-GO front

We have spoken time and again about how Datsun in India have got on to an unexpectedly poor start in India. That said, there is a saying that goes ‘third time’s a charm’ and Datsun will be hoping for exactly the same with their brand new entry level hatchback, the Redi-GO that will have it’s global unveil in India on April 14. This is not the first time Datsun is doing a global unveil in India though as they also showcased the Go hatchback (which was the Japanese brand’s first new car in nearly three decades) to the world for the first time a few years ago in India.

Sadly, despite being a decent car in terms of dynamics along with having a lot of space on the interior front, the Go did not sell as well as expected. And neither did the Go+, which was essentially a longer version of the Go. So what should we expect from the Redi-GO? Well, read on..

Let us talk about design first. The Redi-Go is a complete departure from the Datsun designs we have seen so far. For starters, Datsun has ditched the conventional hatchback module and switched to a tall boy design that seems to be quite popular with first time car buyers in larger cities like Mumbai and Delhi. That said, there is still a familiarity to design with the large trapezoidal grille that dominates the front. The headlamps are stretched out and much slimmer than the ones in the past. Although not certain, the Redi-GO could feature a set of daytime running lights too.

There is also a very distinctive design that runs along the side of the car and runs all the way up to the tail lamps giving it a very unique silhouette. This line also accentuates the rear wheel arhces making the car appear to be much wider. The tail is well designed with a set of medium sized and simple tail lamps that flank the well ridged and high hatchback opening. Hopefully, the Redi-Go will also feature a set of alloy wheels that are absent in both the other Datsun cars.

Datsun Redi-GO rear

In terms of interiors, although there are no real pictures or details yet, we hope Datsun takes the exact opposite approach as they have taken to the Go and Go+. By this we mean that Datsun has to start giving a well equipped interior with features like a proper infotainment system, Bluetooth and if possible, even a touchscreen setup with navigation in the top of the line variants. That said, one thing is for certain. The Redi-Go is going to be a quite spacious on the inside considering the fact that it is based on the same CMF-A platform that also underpins the Renault Kwid and the fact that all Datsuns offer a great amount of space on the inside both in terms of rear leg space and in terms of boot space.

So what about engines? Well, for now, the Redi-GO should get the 800cc engine that the Kwid gets with a 1.0-litre variant and an AMT gearbox just around the corner. The 800cc engine makes a modest 54PS and 72Nm of peak power and torque respectively and considering the fact that the Redi-GO will be aimed as a thoroughbred city car, we think that should be enough power to get a move on. In terms of fuel economy expect the Redi-GO efficiency to be around the 26kmpl mark.

And so we come to pricing. Representatives of Datsun and Nissan including top boss Carlos Goshn has admitted that the fact that Renault India could pull off the Rs 2.6-3.6 lakh pricepoint on the Kwid came as quite a surprise. Do we expect the Datsun to be priced even lower? Honestly, we doubt. So considering the reality of things, we expect the Redi-GO to be priced just slightly higher at between Rs 3.0-4.0 lakh. That said, the car will not be officially launched tomorrow but instead will be launched at a separate event a few months down the line and we will definitely have more details by then when it comes to positioning and pricing.

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