How to use the leg press machine for optimum workout

Leg Press machines are a common component of most gyms and are a common alternative for squats and other lower body exercises. The Leg press machine is commonly used by weight lifters and body builders. It demands the correct use of the leg press machine for an effective workout of the lower body.
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Types of Leg Press Machines

Almost all of the strength straining machines manufacturers make use of leg press machines, though a number of designs of such machines are available, there are predominantly two types of designs. First is the 45 degree leg press/sled leg press, which features a reclined seat with legs of the user elevated and exert force against the weighted foot plate. The second design is the 90 degree leg press, which makes use of a pendulum that swings away when pushed with the leg. Both the designs make use of both the legs simultaneously.


Benefits of Leg Press:

Some of the best leg press machines offer the best exercise for the muscles of the lower body. Extending the knees against resistance that is being offered by leg press works on the thigh muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps. Since the leg press involves the hips, muscles of the gluteus muscles get involved as well. Leg bones, such as the femur, fibula and tibia are impressed as well, owing to the load bearing effect of the leg press machine. It also strengthens the hip and knee joints. Leg press machines are used in muscle building as well, depending on type of training.


Performing lower body training using Leg Press:

  • With the leg press machine, the user has to sit on the machine, place their legs on the platform with the shoulder width foot stance. There are three stances described by its manufacturers in foot positioning section.
  • Lower the safety bars by holding the weighted platform in place and press the platform all the way upwards, until legs get completely extended in front of the user.
  • Make sure knees are not locked and torso and legs make a complete 90 degree angle. This is the first starting position.
  • Slowly lower the platform until the lower and upper legs make a perfect 90 degree angle.
  • Pushing has to mainly happen with the heels of the feet by making use of the quadriceps to get back to the initial position as user exhales.
  • Repeat the same for the intended number of repetitions and ensure to lock safety pins in place, before starting. Safety pins ensure that the platform does not fall when less press gets completely loaded.


Advantages of using Leg Press Machines:

Leg Press makes use of guided movement that minimizes the need to balance the weight and co-ordinate the limbs. Users are free to lifting and lowering the weight so that they could train using heavy loads. They are loaded with movement limiters as well, which prevents the weight from falling off. The machine is also completely beneficial for those wanting to train alone. Its lower back support avoids users from suffering a back injuring.