Nokia, Motorola Smartphones May Get Google Pixel’s Call Screen Feature

Nokia, Motorola Smartphones May Get Google Pixel's Call Screen Feature

Call Screen was unveiled in October last year with new Pixel phones


Call Screen started rolling out to Pixel phones in December 2018

The code found in Google Phone beta app hints at possible expansion

Nokia and Motorola Android One phones may get the feature first

Google seems to be planning to expand the availability of Call Screen feature in the Google Phone app to Nokia and Motorola smartphones. The feature is currently limited to Google’s Pixel devices, however, if the code found in the beta version of Google Phone app is any indication then Call Screen may be headed to other phones. The Call Screen feature uses Google Assistant to help the consumers avoid spammers and other junk calls. It was originally introduced in October last year.

A Reddit user with the screen name hkyq wrote on the website that while browsing the files of Google Phone beta app, the person found two flags hinting at the possible expansion of Call Screen feature to more smartphones. The code hints that Google may expand the feature to Nokia and Motorola smartphones. Apart from just the mentions of Nokia and Motorola names with Call Screen feature, there is no other information at this point. It is being speculated that Android One smartphones from the two brands may be the first smartphones to get the feature, however nothing is official at this point.

As we mentioned earlier, the feature was originally introduced in October 2018 with new Pixel 3 smartphones and started rolling out in December. As per Google’s Support page for Call Screen, the feature is only available to English speakers in the United States who have Pixel 2, 2 XL, 3, or 3 XL devices right now. When Call Screen is enabled, the users see an option Screen Call whenever someone calls. If tapped, the feature uses Google Assistant to talk to the caller and present a transcription of the same to the user. After looking at the transcription, the user can decide to attend the call, disconnect it, or let Assistant continue with the conversation.